The App Lovers is run by the brother-and-sister pair Tom and Louisa Russell and their partner Jerry Schaefer.

Tom and Louisa learned to play classic casino card games like blackjack and poker from their grandmother at an early age, but they were never exposed to real casino life until their good friend Jerry took them to explore Atlantic City while they were on a trip to the United States several years ago. They caught the bug there and were eager to explore their online options the instant they got back to Britain.

Anything that happens online these days mostly make use of the best apps and this is why we set up this site for those who do everything online and love the apps which streamline the process.

The two of them dove straight into the world of internet gaming only to find themselves overwhelmed by the immense number of options available to them. With limited time available to research all the options, they once again recruited casino expert Jerry to help them figure out what the differences were between the available casinos and to discover which one would be right for them. Visit gambling sites and make money online.

They soon found themselves with stacks and stacks of information, so much information, in fact, that they decided they couldn’t just keep it to themselves.

With that, they had the beginnings of Why not take the casino details that they’d gathered for themselves and put them up so they could help other people figure things out, too? And while they were at it, why not create a friendly guide to help navigate this confusing world?

And so Appreciate App and its casino-guide butler were officially born!

Almost as soon as they had made the information available they began to get feedback. People were so excited to finally have an easy guide to the world of online gambling.

“Thank you so much! It’s been horribly confusing trying to sort through all of those online casinos to find out which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which are just disasters waiting to happen. Thanks to Appreciate App, I found the perfect gaming home for me that perfectly suits my tastes.” – Jennifer Hughes, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

We hope you find everything you need here at real money online casino. If you, too, need help finding your own perfect gaming home, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. Visit our contact us page for more!